Bitfun (BTC) pays to Coinpot

Coinpot / Moon Faucets – with Daily Bonus up to 100% 

+ Mystery Bonus on any Claim

+ Reffer Bonus on any Claim

+ Mining Bonus on every Claim (optional, only if u want to Browsermine)                                                                                                           


The best Faucets with the highest Paying-Rates out there are the Moon-Faucets.

There are 7 Faucets, that belongs to the Moon-Family and all of them paying to the Coinpot Microwallet.

That means, Coinpot is the Place where all your Coins from this Faucets will receive.

From Coinpot u can send your Coins to every Wallet of your choise.


All Moon-Faucets are paying instant to Coinpot! So first u have to register an Account at Coinpot (here)!

After u are registered at Coinpot, you will be able to login at the Moon Sites with your Coinpot E-Mailadress.

So you will use the E-Mail Adress from Coinpot, to login at the Moon Faucet Sites!


Every Claim on any of the Moon Faucets, goes directly and instant to your Coinpot Account.

Bonusbitcoin (BTC) pays to Coinpot

Happy earnings 🙂


Moon Bitcoin (BTC) pays to Coinpot
Moon Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pays to Coinpot
Moon Dash (Dash) pays to Coinpot
Moon Litecoin (LTC) pays to Coinpot
Moon Dogecoin (Doge) pays to Coinpot